Let’s God fight your battles, it belongs to him. Sometimes we think we can change our situation on our own without bringing him into it. Stop letting the flesh get in the way, just trust God on his unseen and unstoppable work on your behalf.

God works on behalf of those who waits on him and be still (Exodus 14:14). As we await he works all things together for our good according to Romans 8:28. God plans to use the waiting room (be still room) in our life for our blessings. We do need to be patient in the process of waiting and be still. The Israelites had waited and been still for over 400 years in Egypt, and then God decided it was time to restore the years that they had lost. Also you have to trust the process because it’s in God’s hands; trust him cause he won’t let you down no matter how long it takes. Keep trusting him, don’t remove your eyes from him, don’t be shaken or moved, because if you move, you lose. Peter lost his faith, and removed his eyes from the Lord (Matthew 14:29-31) in his situation while walking toward Jesus on the water, then he starts sinking. God is a master on fighting battles, he is a mighty warrior; Jehovah is his name. In Exodus 14:13 it says for the Egyptians whom you have seen today, you shall see them no more for ever. When he fights your battle you can never be put to shame, because he’s too faithful.

The goodness and faithfulness of God remains the same; he can fight your battles just like he did for Israel. Your battles could be a situation that you lost your job, sickness, a need of a car, problems with the children, your marriage, or even someone the devil sent to bother you along the way somehow. Give them all to Christ, and he promised to restore to you the years that the swarming locust has eaten (Joel 2:25). Trust him and be still let him do it; you move, you lose. May Jehovah grant you victory over negativity that seek to steal your joy.

Have a nice Sunday & Stay bless Family!!



I’m Hadassa Paylor, a believer, a wife, and the founder of “Your Morning Word” blog. I’m Haitian and I live in New York. I was always felt inspired to write and help others out in my writing. On this blog you’ll find a lot of spiritual, social ideas, advice, and a lot more things to help you grow closer to God. Join me in this journey for “Your Morning Word”.

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