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Praise Your Way Out

The praise should start first then it shall come to pass. When you thank him in advance you’re letting him know he comes first, not what you want or what you in the wait for. He then gives you more strength in the waiting process and if he promised then he will deliver. But rememberContinue reading “Praise Your Way Out”

Know your Soul!!

Deep inside you know who you are, you carry light in your smile, you are full of potential within you, and you are the only version of yourself and no one can become you. Why do we still struggle knowing our inner-self? Because society makes you believe you not enough, but Ephesians 2:10 says different,Continue reading “Know your Soul!!”

What If’s???

Hey Fam 👋 I got something different for you this morning that just pop inside of me and I realize this is exactly what we need right now in this new year. A reminder: do not let “what if” become a bad reality in your life when you sit on your couch years later. UseContinue reading “What If’s???”

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