Before you Speak!!

Hello Family,

I have missed y’all so much, I’ve been really trapped in some other situations and didn’t get a chance to get back to you. I hope y’all still be my friends and forgive me 🙏. Today I want to share with you something God had put inside of me for a little while now and hopefully you find something good in this post today for your soul.

In the Bible it says: “The mouth of the righteous utters wisdom and his tongue speaks justice.” The righteous should know when to open his mouth and also knows how to speak. How often our mouth gets us in trouble. As a righteous we have to ask ourselves before we say anything to anyone or give any advice, ask ourselves if it’s necessary for this to come out because once it comes out we can’t get it back; we can only apologize but in certain situations what that can we do? We have to stop and think, ask God for wisdom before we throw any words out because our words can build and can destroy. Once we ask him for wisdom then we’ll start to speak life into other people’s ives, build each other up and enjoy life better.

We have to ask God to help us with this, lock our lips and help us think before we speak mostly if we agitated anything can come out. We wanna speak with wisdom and as the righteous people that we are.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers out there. You are doing a great job!!

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I’m Hadassa Paylor, a believer, a wife, and the founder of “Your Morning Word” blog. I’m Haitian and I live in New York. I was always felt inspired to write and help others out in my writing. On this blog you’ll find a lot of spiritual, social ideas, advice, and a lot more things to help you grow closer to God. Join me in this journey for “Your Morning Word”.

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