What If’s???

Hey Fam πŸ‘‹ I got something different for you this morning that just pop inside of me and I realize this is exactly what we need right now in this new year. A reminder: do not let “what if” become a bad reality in your life when you sit on your couch years later. Use it now and wisely.

Start planning your “what if” idea now to prepare your future instead of using it later in the future to say “what if” you had done such and such thing in the past. Time is in your hands now let’s start acting like our days are numbered. In Psalms 90:12 the Bible says, teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom. When you have wisdom heart you act quickly and you use your time wisely. Also Ephesians 5:6 says, make the best use of the time because the days are evil. When I had this feeling, ideas to start this blog I was dwelling on it for long time because I had so many other negative ideas popping into my head telling me it’s a waste of time, who’s going to read it, how many people would be interested. Then one day I felt God was pushing me more and more towards that direction to start my blog right away, and I feel in my spirit something says it doesn’t matter how many people are involved in this as long as it helps and touches one single person. That was my starting point, then I said to myself “what if” I start it and just sit watch it grow or I don’t start it and later regrettably saying “what if” I had started my blog back then and what would it be today. I’ve seen people liking my blog page on Facebook, I’ve seen others comments saying Amen, Glory to God etc.; even if it’s not a lot but I’m happy just knowing out there I’m sure it helping and changing at least one’s life and that’s a blessing to me. Put your “what if” in action now and think what if I start doing this or that. Then think about the aftermath, the results you get; and also think about years later, see how “what if” feels like if you had done certain things in your past, how your years later would look like.

Be wise to think about your future, as I do say often “Do something your future self will thank you later.” Try out new things every time until it’s your time. Start planning your “what if” and start acting. Happy New Year Family, God bless!

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I’m Hadassa Paylor, a believer, a wife, and the founder of “Your Morning Word” blog. I’m Haitian and I live in New York. I was always felt inspired to write and help others out in my writing. On this blog you’ll find a lot of spiritual, social ideas, advice, and a lot more things to help you grow closer to God. Join me in this journey for “Your Morning Word”.

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